Annual Cadillac sales soar despite tough Middle East luxury market

Cadillac YTD sales up 20%

In a year that saw a distinct softening of the Middle East luxury car market, Cadillac bucked the trend, reporting 20% annual growth.

“Last year the luxury car industry saw a slowdown in terms of sales and growth. This was due, in part, to geopolitical factors in the region and consumers’ views towards major purchases,” said Felix Weller, Managing Director, Cadillac Middle East.

Weller said Cadillac has been setting itself apart from the competition in terms of its unique vehicle lineup and by growing, even in a contracting market.

“Cadillac is a leader in terms of last year’s the fastest growing premium car brands,” Weller said.

He attributes the increasing popularity of Cadillac to its strong foundation of vehicles packed with modern technologies, sophisticated design, and advanced driving dynamics. The range starts with the ATS sedan and coupe, which saw 17% year on year growth, and continues up to Cadillac’s flagship, the Escalade, which posted an impressive 63% increase in sales.

As for the year ahead, Weller predicts the luxury market to continue to face some challenges, but expects Cadillac to continue its growth story, buoyed by its expanding lineup of vehicles.

“We have made no secret about the fact that we’re looking at strengthening our portfolio by introducing eight all-new vehicles over a two year period. This starts with the performance ATS-V and CTS-V Series which is now in showrooms, and the introduction of the first ever XT5 crossover and CT6 prestige sedan later in the year,” said Weller.